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Why do I homeschool?  Some will think I am crazy.  Actually, I have a few family members that I'm pretty sure think I am LOL.

I started to home school my kiddos six years ago.  They were going to a private Christian school and when my daughter came home complaining of being bullied, I hit the brakes fast!  I spoke with the principal and really got nowhere.  I talked to my husband and he was definitely on board to home school here.  Well, I said if I am going to do this thing, then I'm homeschooling both of my kids.  I've never looked backed.

My kids were using the A Beka curriculum, which I loved, so I chose to use them for homeschooling as well.   I finally got the hang of it I think the third year!  This year my kids are in 10th and 12th and it seems as if we are at a different place. 

I prayed about it to see what God wanted us to do as far as curriculum goes. And this is where it brings me today.

I started doing some research for a high school co-op or umbrella school.  Nothing.  I couldn't believe there was nothing in my county.  I wander if I could start a co-op myself?  Well, I was talking with my good friend Annette and she mentioned she was thinking about starting a co-op.  Say What?  Well, the two of us have came together and we now have our new co-op.  I love it!  All the kids love it too!  

Now that I think about it, I have two aunts that were school teachers and my grandmother was one as well.  I remember playing "school" with my cousin Ashleigh when we were kids too!  I guess I just have schooling in me!!!

So, don't feel discouraged.  I just graduated my last one so I'm on a new journey now!  If you ever need any help or just don't know where to get started, feel free to email me at  I'd love to give you some words of encouragement or help you with curriculum choices.